How To Create a Kettlebell Workout

How To Create a Kettlebell Workout

When it comes to kettlebell workouts, there are two things you need to think about, number one is how to create a kettlebell workout, and number two is how to design a kettlebell program.

The workout is what you’ll be doing for the day and the program is how those workouts fit into your week and slowly build you up through progression.

Each workout of the week needs to work toward the goals that you want to achieve, there are many to work toward, goals like:

  1. Cardiovascular endurance
  2. Muscular endurance
  3. Mental toughness
  4. Strength
  5. Power
  6. Flexibility
  7. Mobility
  8. Generic fitness
  9. And so on…

Before you do anything, you need to write down your goals and priorities. Even if you decide to not get really serious with a kettlebell program, you still need to write down your goals.

The following videos will give you some idea of how to work towards those goals with a kettlebell. Be warned, although the videos don’t dive deep into the topics, it’s still a long subject to research. One does not just learn how to create a kettlebell workout or program in one day or even one video.

How To Use a Kettlebell For Strength

How To Use a Kettlebell For Power

How To Use a Kettlebell For Cardio

How To Use a Kettlebell For Flexibility

How To Use a Kettlebell For Endurance

How To Design a Kettlebell Program

Your kettlebell program is where it all comes together, it’s the plan that takes you from your starting point to your goal gradually. The program takes into account, load, frequency, volume, rest, exercises, and so on.


This protocol has been designed by Cavemantraining for the PACE MAKER workout. So, we have a workout, which is nothing but a set of reps and exercises but the protocol is what dictates the load, pace, volume, intensity, and so on.

The PACE MAKER has been around for a long time, anyone can have a go at it. For those that want to know the ins and outs, we have created a whole set of videos for the technique, common mistakes, strategy, follow-along, alternatives, progressions, and more. The program also comes with a checklist and tracker.

For those that want to reduce the learning curve for programming, there are books like How to Program for Kettlebell Training, Kettlebell Workouts and Challenges, and many others. There is also the option to join our private group which at the time of this writing has over 180 full-length follow-along workouts.

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